Encounter in Zurich

Encounter in Zurich

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Sixteen years ago Robyn’s father walked away from her family. Now finding him is their only hope.


Twenty-six-year-old Robyn Gregory and her mother, owners of an exclusive art shoppe in Beverly Hills, travel to Zurich on a desperate mission. Accused of selling forgeries, they must uncover the truth—and clear their family’s name. But they are unaware they’ve been lured into a dangerous web by a Parisian on the trail of revenge.

CIA officer Drew Gregory has been assigned to a desk job in London ever since a clerical blunder compromised his code name and covert operation. Now Porter Deven, the CIA Station Chief, plots to keep Drew from promotion by connecting him with his estranged wife Miriam’s apparent art fraud. If Drew can’t clear her name, his career is doomed to a rapid-fire end. But it also means walking back into his daughter’s life after all these years.

A fast-paced international romance thriller

Doris Elaine Fell has become one of America’s favorite storytellers.Karen Kingsbury

Doris spins an intriguing tale.Robin Jones Gunn

Doris Elaine Fell writes with a tender heart. You won’t want to miss this one.—Angela Hunt

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Additional Information

Format Print
Author Doris Elaine Fell
ISBN 9781602900233
Pages 302