Assignment in Paris

Assignment in Paris

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The fashion circuit in Paris is a coveted assignment, but it might cost Andrea her life.


A fast-paced international romance thriller

 Doris Elaine Fell has become one of America’s favorite storytellers.Karen Kingsbury

Doris spins an intriguing tale.Robin Jones Gunn

Doris Elaine Fell writes with a tender heart. You won’t want to miss this one.—Angela Hunt

Fashion journalist Andrea York is on the fast-track to success at Style Magazine in Beverly Hills, but she dreams of having her own designer designer label. Right before she is to travel to the City of Light, her beloved grandmother, Katrina, falls desperately ill. As Andrea searches through treasured mementos, she finds her grandfather Conrad’s watch—hands stopped at his death on the beach at Normandy—and some faded photos of men under his command. She remembers Katrina’s whisper: “Conrad believed there was a traitor in his unit.”

Sherman Prescott’s life changed forever the day his wife drowned. The CIA told him it was a simple accident, but Sherm is convinced she was murdered. The file on Melody is sealed now, but he won’t rest until he uncovers the truth. Then he receives a phone tip that the last person to see Melody alive is in Paris…

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Additional Information

Format Print
Author Doris Elaine Fell
ISBN 9781602900226
Pages 274